ross taylor - visual artist


  • Ross Taylor working on Relic
  • Ross Taylor working on Relic

Ross P Taylor was born in Northumberland, UK. He graduated from University of Newcastle upon Tyne with an Honours degree in Fine Arts, and is currently based in Leeds.

Taylor's practice is continually influenced by international perspectives and experiences. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, with group exhibitions in Europe as well as solo shows in Japan and the UK. He has participated in many artist residencies and collective projects, and been granted commissions from Arts Council England.

Since the early stages of his career, Taylor has developed a strong interest in the rules of presentation - specifically repetitive processes and the pursuit of the 'impossible'. In his exploration of these concepts, he has created sculptural installations, photography, drawings and performances.

In 2006 Taylor was awarded a highly sought-after Artist Placement Award from Arts Council England in which he further developed his practice by working with Mackellar Architecture in Newcastle, UK. There he planned and developed an ambitious public installation entitled 'Relic'. Taylor was subsequently selected for international residency and his first international solo show at Art Space Tetra, Japan. This project was supported and funded by Arts Council England. After creating a new series of works in Fukuoka, Japan, Taylor was commissioned for his DVD performance piece 'I knew she'd be back'.

In 2009 Taylor is relocating to Melbourne, Australia. He is currently producing pieces to be debut in his next solo show 'I can move any mountain' (Project Slogan - Aberdeen, Scotland).

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